Donor IQ versus Competitors and Traditional Methods

Donor IQ

Competitors/Traditional Methods

Complete Solution

Donor IQ is a complete solution. We host your data, organize and incorporate your old mailing files, develop models, provide scores quickly, provide automated reports, and more.

Partial Solution

Most analytical solutions are fragmented in nature and do not solve the end-to-end problem.

Custom Built Models

All models are custom build for every Donor IQ customer. Actual history of solicitations and donations for that customer are used to optimize models.

Canned Models or Co-ops

Standard models applied across clients and/or a co-op is used to determine "similar donors" without regard to the mailing frequencies.

Hundreds of Variables

Complex profiles used to describe every potential donor using ALL solicitation and donation records along with external demographic data.


Use RFM methodology on only the donation history while ignoring a person's solicitations. External demographic variables ignored or not used in a cohesive model.

PhD Level Modelers

Donor IQ was developed by PhD Statisticians and Economists with backgrounds in a variety of industries. We bring our "trick of the trade" together to make full use of your data.

Simple Analysis

Lower level analysts complete simple segmentations which leave much of the value in the data undiscovered.

Unique Person/Address Identification

Use proprietary fuzzy-matching algorithms in addition to NCOA and CASS to link individuals across multiple sources. A unique person ID is incorporated into the system to quickly retrieve an individual's complete mailing and donation history.

No Focus on Identification Across Mail Files

Use NCOA and CASS only to standardize addresses missing matches on misspelled street names and other mistyped information. Difficulty identifying the same individual across multiple mailing files.

Fast Scoring

Ability to process, manage, and score based on patterns in hundreds of millions of solicitations and donations records. Scores produced on a file in a matter of hours.

Scoring Takes Too Long

Difficulty processing large files. Scoring is too slow to integrate into production process.

Risk Based Pricing

Donor IQ is priced based on a fraction of the value we can demonstrate. The measurements use clearly defined testing methods that are developed with our clients.

Pricing not Tied to Provable Results

Pricing for competitive products and services is not closely associated with value.

Easy to Implement

Donor IQ implementation is a simple process. Since we host and maintain all of the data and systems, the work on the direct mailer is minimal. We are able to integrate into a streamlined production process with minimal interruptions.

Hard to Implement

Due to the turn around time of most scoring and the difficulty to implement, it will never integrate well into a production process.

Head-to-Head Testing

We are willing to do a head-to-head test with any competing products you are currently using.

No Head-to-Head Testing

We have not seen our competitors offer this approach.